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Camping in La Rochelle

Weather in La Rochelle
Our weather service brings you the weather in La Rochelle.

General weather conditions:
In summer you can expect some really warm weather easily reaching the 35° and above. Summers are generally warmer than in many parts of France as the clouds don't have a chance to build up because of La rochelle's proximity to the sea. You will need suntan lotion unless you are well accustomed to strong sunlight especially for children. Taking a beach umbrella or some sort of shade may also be wise. The beach does have a snack bar and some great showers just around the corner. The beach is just a short walk from La Rochelle town center so if you get too hot you are just a short walk from some other attractions.
The Ile de Ré close by records the highest number of sunny days in the whole of France.

La Rochelle Weather

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