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La Rochelle France

Tourist information:
Camping in La Rochelle

In the background is the famous clock tower. It used to be possible to go on a guided tour of the tower but recently the tours have no longer been conducted. Do check though, there's a notice on a door under the tower on the right hand (south) side.

La Rochelle Tower

There are plenty of yachts and boats for sale in La Rochelle. You can see a selection of boats for sale in the Quai Valin. Typically these are sailing yachts of the lenght 30+ feet for sale (not hire). However there are some yachts for sale by private onwers, look for the for sale signs in the cockpit windows. It is a superb harbour to moor a yacht or motor boat as you can walk to the center of town easily and just outside the harbour you are already out on the open sea.

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