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Inter Hotel Saint Jean D'Acre
4, Place de la chaine, 17000 La Rochelle
0546 417333

Hotel with view of port

It is an hotel with a view of La Rochelle port: View

Book Your Hotel In La Rochelle

Hotels La Rochelle

Book Your Hotel In La Rochelle

Hotels in La Rochelle France, below is a list of hotels which I've complied; some of these are really close to the center of town and the old port. Check each hotel to see if your room faces the port as those which do may be more expensive but will have a wonderful view. Charges are often per room where the rate is the same for 1 or 2 persons. Booking is advisable in the busy periods.

Hotel de la Tour de Nesle
This hotel is right on the harbour side with all rooms offering views across the Old Port to the 2 towers. You will be in the heart of La Rochelle as you exit the hotel.
2, Quai Louis Durand,
La Rochelle

Hotel De La Paix
14, Rue Gargoulleau
0546 413344

Hotel Les Brises
Chemin de la Digue Richelieu
0546 438937

Hotel Francois 1er
Nice central location in the old part of town.
15, Rue Bazoges, 17000 La Rochelle
0546 412846

Out on the Les Minimes part of town so 25 minute walk into town.
Avenue des Minimes LaRochelle
0546 442060

Hotel Ibis
In the center of town and about 5 minutes walk to the port. 1, Rue Fleuriau
Vieille Ville
0546 505255

Ibis Vieux Port
Very close to the port (100m).
4 Rue Léonce Vieljeux
0546 506868

Hotel Ibis
Place du Commandant Motte Rouge, 17000 La Rochelle
0546 416022

Hotel Agism
In between the train station and the town center.
20, Avenue General de Gaulle
0546 412624

Appart'hôtel Archipel
The Appart'hôtel Archipel offers appartments in a quiet part of La Rochelle and around 620 metres from the port. The sandy beach on the other side of the inlet to the Old Port is just a short walk away. The apartments all have private bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, TV and Wi-Fi. There is a swimming pool. Be sure to specify a balcony or terrace if required when booking.
Rue de La Huguenotte

Hotel De Paris
Thi hotel is in a quiet part of town surrounded by old buildings and La Rochelle's charm.
It is 100 metres from the main shopping and tourist areas yet in a quiet street and just 400 meters from the port.
18, Rue Gargoulleau
0546 410359

Hotel La Marine
On the Quai Duperre so you could have a great view over the port.
30, Quai Duperre
0546 410868

Hotel de Bordeaux
On the quieter side of the Old Town yet still just a short walk from the Old Port, the shops and restaurants.
43, Rue St Nicolas
0546 413122

Hotel de l'Arrivee
5, Rue Fabrique LaRochelle
0546 414068

Hotel Alienor
No 38, Rue Sauniers
0546 273131

No 23, Rue Verdiere
0546 411668

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